Citizen's comments to the PRC on renewables

What New Mexicans told the PRC

Here are a few excerpts of what
New Mexicans wrote to their Public
Regulation Commission representatives
about keeping the current “Reasonable
Cost Threshold” rule, which implements
the state Renewable Energy Act:

“I am a student at New Mexico Tech.
Many of my peers plan to work with
renewable energies after graduation. The
young adults in southern New Mexico
know that diversifying our sources of
electricity now will pay us back tenfold
in the future.” — Socorro

“We really don’t have the time to
waste arguing about something as
essential as our necessary transition to
renewable energy. Let’s get on with it!”

— Clovis
“NM desperately needs to develop
alternative energy sources to protect
us from new mining and fracking. We
need to do all we can to promote solar
energy.” — Grants
“Solar energy development is one
of our best hopes for improving our
economy AND for helping our environment.”
— Albuquerque

“Our future energy security depends
on supporting and developing renewable
energy sources. We need this development
now for our present needs, but
it’s even more crucial for us to act now
to ensure that our descendents have
affordable energy sources.” — Las Vegas
“We live in a state that is blessed
with both abundant sun and wind.
Why are they not being used? Yes, the
power companies want to make their
millions, but we need to change the way
things work, the way such problems are
addressed.” — Dulce

“While traveling I see fields of solar
panels throughout states with far fewer
sunny days than in New Mexico. I
want to see our state as a leader, not a
follower in solar energy development.”

— Las Cruces
“We need a diversity of renewable
energy in order to protect future generations.”
— Albuquerque
“Don’t let greed overpower wisdom.”

— Albuquerque
“Are you thinking about what kind of
world your grandchildren will inherit?
I’m thinking about that.”

— Albuquerque
“We, the citizens of New Mexico,
have an opportunity to be leaders in an
industry that is tantamount to a sustainable,
clean future. That industry is solar
energy, and I strongly urge you to help
make the short-term, tough decisions
now to secure us a future of which we
can be proud.” — Los Alamos

“PLEASE don’t use the state’s resources
to grant favors.” — Arroyo Seco

“Given the outstanding suitability
of solar energy use and development
in Northern New Mexico (as well as
the rest of the state!) any reduction of
the current definition of “fully diversified
renewable energy portfolio” would
be very likely to swing utilities toward
wind power alone.” — Santa Fe

“Please don’t gut the one piece
of regulation that keeps us moving
forward. Our kids and grandkids would
look back on this act as a defining
tragedy for them and for our beautiful
state.” — Santa Fe