Northern New Mexico Group endorses Gonzales, Lindell, Maestas, Dominguez

Javier Gonzales

Sierra Club Northern New Mexico Group endorses Gonzales for mayor, Lindell, Maestas and Dominguez for Council

The Sierra Club Northern New Mexico is proud to endorse Javier Gonzales for mayor of Santa Fe.

Environmental problems do not end at the city limits, and Gonzales has recognized that regional solutions are necessary to address climate change, protection of our water resources, and securing more renewable energy sources.

As a county commissioner, Gonzales established Santa Fe’s first open-space ordinances supported by voters with a $30 million bond for the purchase of open space. His plans for protecting the urban watershed include thinning projects by city youth enrolled in leadership programs.

In City Council races, the Northern Group endorsed Signe Lindell in District 1, Joseph Maestas in District 2 and Carmichael Dominguez in District 3.

Lindell has been heavily involved in environmentally oriented city planning efforts over many years as a member of the city’s planning commission.

Maestas, a Bureau of Reclamation engineer and former Conservation Voters New Mexico board vice president, displays a deep knowledge and passion for environmental issues specific to Santa Fe, where he was born.

Councilor Dominguez led the effort to provide free public transportation to our youth, encouraging public transportation and protecting our air quality. He has shown consistent support for conservation issues in office.

The Sierra Club has more than 1,000 members in Santa Fe and supports its endorsed candidates with our considerable corps of volunteers.