New Mexicans send more than 5000 messages to Game Commissioners asking to ban trapping on public land

Bobcat by Humane Society

July 17 - The Game Commission will decide on July 21 the fates of thousands of Bobcats, foxes and the other “bearers” of fur. In response to our public protest, the New Mexico Department of Game and Fish has posted an alternative for Game Commissioners to consider that would prohibit leghold traps, snares and lethal body crushing traps on public land. Read this alternative proposal.

But the agency has made it very clear it opposes this alternative.

It is also recommending that the trap ban to protect wolves in the Gila be abandoned and trapping be restored without restriction. The same rules that have resulted in at least two New Mexico wolves losing their legs will be reinstated.

Because hidden traps pose a risk to hikers and their dogs in addition to maiming and injuring non-target and target species alike, the Sierra Club has asked New Mexicans to urge the Department of Game and Fish to act in the broad interest of the public instead of catering to a narrow and limited constituency that exploits wildlife for profit, and New Mexicans responded in a big way, sending more than 5000 messages, including letters, petitions, and e-mails to each commissioner.

We hope the Game commissioners heed the voices of New Mexicans and make the decision that benefits our state and our wildlife on July 21. For more information, please contact Mary Katherine Ray, 575/772-5655,